SkyWay Capital Review - Scam or legit?

SkyWay Capital Review

ADDRESS: 22 Shchipok Str., Building 1, Moscow, Russia and Rodney Bayside Building, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet Saint Lucia
PHONE: +7 (495) 419-04-56 - 8 800 100-98-20

SkyWay Capital. Recommended or not?
You might have heard about SkyWay Capital. This is a company that is claiming that you can get profit when you are investing at them. They opened their doors in 2014.

Because of the variety of scams that you can find online, you might wonder if SkyWay Capital is a legit company or if this is just another scam that might cause you to lose money. When you are reading all the necessary information about SkyWay Capital, you will get a better picture about them, and you will know for sure if this is a legit company or a scam that you should stay away from.

More about SkyWay Capital
The first thing that you should know about SkyWay Capital is what type of company they actually are. SkyWay Capital is an innovative transport technology service. The service was developed by Russian engineer Anatoly Eduardovich Unitsky. The company’s head office is in London.

Evgeny Kudryashov is the director of the company. If you are looking at the man itself, you will see that his name is connected to many other schemes like the Ponzi scheme. And, this is making things dangerous. Why should SkyWay Capital not be a scam as well?

What are they claiming is the benefit of making use of this service?
The problem with this company is that it is hard to understand what services they really provide to their investors. There is different information online about the type of services that they have to offer.

Some are saying that this is a legit service where you are purchasing shares in their business and where you can get as much as double your money back. Other are saying that they don’t really offer a legit service and that they are just another Ponzi scheme that are scamming people out of money. But, at the end of the day, people are investing in them and gets a profit back. This is the main service that you can get from making use of SkyWay Capital.

Scam or legit?
Now comes the question if they are legit or just another scam. Reviews are not making it really clear if this is a legit company or not. The one thing that is strange is that this is a Russian company, but their head office is in London. This is the first red flag that you will get.

Nowhere on the internet, is there any proof that this is a legit and registered company. Nowhere can you find a license number about them that will show that you can invest in them without any risks? The other scary thing to think about is the director of the company. His name is connected to other illegal schemes where he is stealing money from his potential investors. Legit or not, this is a huge risk to make use of this company for getting some profit at the end of the month.

Signs that this might not be a legit service
You need to know that there are many signs that this isn’t a legit service and that you are going to lose your money for sure if you are going to use the service for investing.

Besides the mentioned reasons why this might be a scam, there are other signs that you should know as well. Signs that are showing that they might be illegal. They have a valid address in London. However, the address isn’t complete. How can they get an investment license if their address isn’t complete?

The other thing that you should consider is the fact that most of the information on the site is in Russian. You will not understand the language and will not know what they are actually saying. The terms and conditions are something that you might not understand, and the reason why you are getting scammed.

When you are investing in them, you should be paying in units, not actual money. Do you really know how much dollar each unit is? Looking at their compensation plan, you will see right from the start that there might be something not right. The profit percentage is really high. Higher than any other investment opportunity. This means that this is too good to be true.

This is the most important sign that this might be a scam. They have a referral plan where they are paying their clients for referrals. In other words, this is just another pyramid or Ponzi scam.

Investment brokers regulators. What are they saying about SkyWay Capital?
It is essential to know what investment brokers are saying about SkyWay Capital. They are doing research and make sure that the insurance brokers on the internet are legit. And, that they are warning people against scams.

When you see that the regulators are warning people against this company, then you should take notice. Notice that they might not be legit and real. Regulators are not recommending SkyWay Capital to you, and they are recommending that you should rather start looking for another investment.

SkyWay Capital. An online company that is known as investors. But, are they legit and real? Or, are they just another scam that you should stay away from? Looking at all the evidence that you can find online, this is for sure not a legit service. There are no reasons or proof that this company is legit. Instead, it shows that the service is a scam and not something that you should invest in. Not according to the regulators.

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