Monday, September 4, 2017

NEO Price Goes off the Deep end as Chinese Regulators Ban ICOs

Holders of the NEO altcoin will not be too happy with the way things are evolving right now. After a massive price surge to nearly $50 per coin not too long ago, the markets have taken a dire turn for the worse. In fact, one NEO is only worth $20.16 right now and the value is still dropping as we speak. With a 33.58% loss in the past 24 hours, things aren’t looking all that great for this currency. The ambition to become the Ethereum of China has seemingly backfired.


It is not entirely surprising to see the NEO price go down as we speak. More specifically, the altcoin has seen a massive value appreciation not too long ago, which would eventually result in a correction. However, NEO has successfully maintained its $34 value for quite some time now. Many people were hoping this price would go up again, but it turns out things have not evolved in this regard by any means. Instead, the NEO price continues to go down as more time progresses, which is rather problematic for this project and all of the holders.

As of right now, the “Ethereum of China” is dealing with a major price collapse. NEO still maintains a market cap of just over $1bn, although that number may go well below this threshold a lot sooner than people think. With the value per NEO dropping to $20 and potentially going much lower in the next few hours, things aren’t looking great. This dip will create new opportunities for people to stock up on some cheap NEO, assuming people are willing to take this risk in the first place. Right now, that seems rather doubtful, though.

Although it’s unclear why NEO is dropping, the recent decision by the Chinese government may have something to do with it. As we previously reported, legislators were considering banning all cryptocurrency ICOs outright. Late last week, this was merely a suggestion rather than confirmed fact. It now appears it has indeed become reality and cryptocurrency ICOs are entirely illegal in the country. Companies can no longer raise money through ICOs and a lot of major platforms will see additional scrutiny moving forward.

This is not good news for NEO either, which mainly gained its initial traction through Chinese investors. With this new warning, a lot of investors are trying to liquidate assets to evade government scrutiny. Whether or not those efforts will be in vain, remains to be seen, though. Rest assured the markets will be quite volatile for quite some time to come until things finally settle down. NEO got caught up in this negative momentum and may see some wild fluctuations for some time to come.

It is evident some Chinese exchanges are pushing the NEO price down even further as we speak. More specifically, Yunbi, Jubi, Yuanbao, and 51szzc all value NEO a bit lower than $20. It is possible this is only a sign of things to come moving forward. If the NEO price keeps declining at this rate, it is only a matter of time until it drops below $20. No one knows for sure what the real value of this altcoin should be at this time. Moreover, there are rumors regarding the first ICOs to be launched on the NEO platform soon, but those plans have now been canceled as well.

It is certainly possible we will see some increased scrutiny by Chinese officials regarding Ethereum itself. More specifically, the platform is the main reason why virtually all cryptocurrency ICOs exist. Although it is not a centralized entity by any means, the Chinese investors may very well pull their support for Ethereum until this situation becomes a lot more clear. It is uncertain this will effectively happen, though, as there are still a lot of unanswered questions to deal with right now.

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